Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Beginning - DREAMS

Ten months ago, I was approached by a manager in our firm about health and wealth. There was a discussion about prioritizing our total body health and at the same time, finding a way to realize financial freedom.

In our line of work as accountants and financial advisers, with the tremendous task of having to deal with endless deadlines and demanding clients, it's really difficult to separate "stress" from our daily lives. Yes, there is fulfillment when you successfully close a deal or when you receive a "Good Job!" from your boss, but these questions sometimes hit you:

"Will I be like this for the next 20, 30 or 40 years of my life?"
"Will I run like a headless chicken every month to meet deadlines?"
"Will I have the freedom to spend a month in vacation without hesitation and without the fear of losing my job?"
"Will I be able to build my DREAMS doing the same thing over the years?"
"When will I be free to choose what I will do in my life?"
"Will I ever stay healthy working and living in a stressful environment?"

If you had moments like these, do not fear. It is normal to have questions like these. I had the same questions to myself. You may have a longer list of questions and we feel that these are always left unanswered. And that is still normal.

But come to think of it. We KNOW the answers to these questions but we just TURN A BLIND EYE TO THE REALITIES OF LIFE. We just accept those facts to ourselves, silently, because we feel that we have no choice. That is where we are wrong. We have a lot of choices but we just confine ourselves to what we can easily grasp in our "comfort zones".

Two months ago. This is when I realized, I've been working for the last 10 years and I have no savings, no investments, still working on that 8-to-5 job, none of my dreams came true and I still have a family to feed. The wake up call for me after this realization was I NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING in order to ACHIEVE MY DREAMS.

This is where USANA came to the picture. It gave me HOPE TO BUILD MY DREAMS again.

I'd like to share you what my DREAMS are. Some of them are achievable even without USANA but you and I know better that these are achievable the harder way (i.e. years of employment, loans, work overseas, etc.).

  • Our dream house (we currently live at my parents' house)
  • Our own car (we currently use my parents' SUV)
  • Top schools/universities for our kids
  • Trust funds for the kids
  • Healthy family
  • Prolong my aunt's life (she's got Alzheimer's disease and it's incurable)
  • A restaurant business
  • Able to travel around the world
  • Build a charitable organization to support educational scholarships for the under-privileged
  • and MORE
I have started this blog to document my journey to health and financial freedom through USANA.

[source: here]

I am just truly blessed to have found a way to give my family and friends an opportunity to get their DREAMS while living HEALTHY.

So the next question is, WHY USANA?

And my question to YOU ---- WHY NOT?